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Shop assorted candy, chocolates, fudge, taffy, sugar free candy, bulk candy, truffles and holiday gifts from Meyer’s House of Sweets in Wyckoff, NJ Since 1904 the Meyer family has been making the finest homemade chocolates and candies. Open at 10 am Monday - Saturday.

Featured Products

 Assorted Bite Size Taffy
Assorted Bite Size Taffy Assorted bite sized taffy
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Coconut Delights
Coconut Delights Coconut Delights
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Truffle Heart
Truffle Heart Heart Shaped Box of Truffles
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Cheetah Print  with Bow
Cheetah Print with Bow Valentine's Day Heart. 8 oz
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Wine Sauce
Wine Sauce Dessert Wine Sauces
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Giant Gummy Bear
Giant Gummy Bear 12 oz Gummy Bear
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